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Bellammes look at 2023 bridal-wear trends!

If you are like me and can’t believe where the year has gone you’ll be surprised to find we are only months away until a new year! And I know so many of you want to know what bridalwear trends we are expecting to see next year and how you can incorporate them into your big day. After our trip to Bridal week at Harrogate we wanted to give you the low down on what to expect - get that Pinterest board at the ready.

  1. Clean Lines

We’ve all seen the latest make up and hair trends giving us clean girl aesetics - so it’s no surprise that Bridal is going the same way. We are seeing more than ever simple styles elevated by stunning statement accessories. Our designer Justin Alexander is perfect for those classic styles, beautiful mikados and soft crepes whilst our designer Watters we are seeing soft butter satins and modern, fashion forward twists.

So whether you fancy something timeless and classic or perhaps bringing the clean trend bang on 2023 we have the perfect option for you in store.

2. Unusual necklines

There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful sweetheart of course but we are seeing the boundaries being pushed and seeing more than ever asymmetric necklines, one shoulders or dramatic and elegant sweeping statements. Milla Nova is a perfect example of designers pushing boundaries and offering something slightly out of the norm. Check out their Christianna dress for a classic style with a stunning curved bodice.

3. High necks

Sticking on the neckline vibes thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton and Ellie Goulding we are seeing more than ever stunning high neck gowns for that demure, real princess vibe letting the dress be the statement. Vera Wang, Milla Nova and Watters are all perfect examples of these beautiful jaw dropping styles.

4. Second looks

A bit controversial as we know so many of you save your hard earned pennies to buy one dress let alone affording a second party dress - but never the less Brides more than ever are looking for comfort and by the evening are often ready to whip off their day dresses into something a bit more fun. Bywatters have prorogued a whole collection and we are lucky to have these two stunning styles in store with more on their way next year!

5. Soft romantic

We are still seeing so many soft and romantic styles heading into 2023. Ever so popular with Brides because of how wearable and insta friendly these gowns are. Taking inspo from Madi Lane and Willowby however we are seeing these relaxed styles with a bit more va va boom with embellishments, pearls, glitter and plunge necklines.

Which is your favourite trend and what would you like to see - tell us in the comments 💕

Love Amy x

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