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Jeune Bridal


‘Jeune Bridal’ is the new higher end label out of the design house of the Madi Lane Bridal Group. Globally renowned for redefining the mainstream bridal look in the industry, Madi Lane burst onto the worldwide bridal stage in 2018, quickly fashioning a strong following by contemporary brides and retailers alike. Gaining in momentum, a sister label Evie Young Bridal was born and now ‘Jeune,’ designed for the impeccably stylish and refined takes her place centre stage. Another brainchild of Australian designer, Liz Young, ‘Jeune Bridal’ is lovingly named for Liz’s grandmother, June – the epitome of style and elegance. Meaning ‘young’ in French, Jeune is also a double entendre of her inspired roots and youthful passion for something new and exciting. ‘Jeune’ is an exploration of the contemporary bride, embedded in classic grandeur and punctuated with chic and couture inspired touches. She is the unexpected with curated maximalism and artfully sculpted silhouettes, with unapologetic decadence designed to enhance the beauty of modern brides.

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Jeune Bridal Lourdes dress


Jeune Bridal Siena


Jeune Bridal Odessa


Juene Bridal Amalfi


Jeune Bridal Amalfi


Jeune Bridal Cairo


Jeune Bridal Monaco
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